Name Dropping with The Bachelorette’s Trista Sutter

I love names that are unique when they hold special meaning. I recently sought out Trista Sutter, of The Bachelor and  The Bachelorette, to talk names. Trista was the runner-up on the first season of The Bachelor and was the first Bachelorette the following year. Ryan was the lucky guy to win her heart on the popular reality show and the two are happily married with two children, Maxwell and Blakesley, living in Vail, Colorado.  While finding your spouse on a TV reality show is not the most conventional, you’ll find that Trista and Ryan honour tradition in building their family and life together.

Candace:  Let’s start with you…Trista is an unusual name. Tell me how your parents chose it for you and why. Did you love it or loathe it growing up? Did your feelings about it change or grow as you grew up?

Trista: They actually just saw it in a baby book and liked it…as unspecial as that sounds.  :)  I was okay with it.  Of course I got lots of nicknames, and I never got to just buy a magnet or cup or preprinted name off those silly displays at gift stores.  I was okay with it, but definitely learned to love its uniqueness more, the more I got older.

Candace:  Maxwell Alston – what a great name. When I look it at it looks cool, powerful and serious all at the same time. Can you tell what went into choosing it for him. Is there special meaning or honor behind it?

Trista: Ryan and I both loved Maxwell from the get-go of name planning.  Alston is Ryan’s father’s middle name as well as his great great (maybe another great) grandfather’s name and we both wanted to honor our families through the kids names.

Candace:  Blakesley Grace – you know I love this. Can you tell me the story and how it felt to give her your mother’s name? Does Grace come from something special too?

Trista: Ever since I was little, I wanted to include the name “Rose” in one of my children’s names.  My mother’s name is Roseanne and my grandmother’s name is Rosemary.  The only name that Ryan REALLY liked for a girl was Grace.  We didn’t think that Grace Rose or Rose Grace sounded that great together, so in the interest of letting Ryan have the name he absolutely loved, I put more thought into it.  I really wanted to honor my side of the family, since we had honored Ryan’s by naming our son, Maxwell Alston, and one day was just throwing around names and stuck on Blakesley Grace.  We both thought it sounded perfect together.  Many people love the name, especially when they learn that it was my mother’s maiden name, but many were outspoken (and actually pretty cruel) about their dislike for it.  No matter what any critics say, we think it’s beautiful and I am thrilled to be able to honor my mom.

Candace:  Did you and Ryan agree on the names? What was the process of choosing and deciding for you?

Trista: We did. We couldn’t have gone about naming our children until we both truly loved the names, and luckily we did.

Candace: I’ve been having some great conversations with people about taking your husband’s surname when you got married. A lively dialogue on Facebook earlier this week. You took Ryan’s name. Was it an easy decision or did you debate it?

Trista: Even though I was married on television, I am very traditional in terms of that sort of thing and knew from my days as a little girl that I wanted to take on the name of the man that I married.  I love the romance and honor of it and I actually like Trista Sutter better than Trista Rehn. (Sorry dad!).


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Names For Your Valentine Baby From Around the World



February falls right in the middle of the coldest months of the year and it is also the month of love and romance.  If you’re having (or making) a baby in February, here are 175 Valentine inspired names to consider from around the world.

175 Names of Love

Abiba – the beloved one – African

Adelpha - Beloved Sister – Greek

Adora Beloved One – Latin, Greek, Old German

Ahava - Love – Hebrew

Aiko Little Loved One, Love Child – Japanese

Aimee - Beloved Friend – French, Latin

Aimi - Beautiful Love – Japanese

Airi - Love Affection With Jasmine – Japanese

Amada – beloved – Spanish

Amadeus - Love of God – Latin

Amanda - Worthy Of Love – Latin

Amando - Worthy Of Love – Italian

Amara - Lovely Forever – Greek, Eternal – Sanskrit

Amor - Love – Spanish

Amora - Love - Spanish

Amorina - Love – Spanish

Amy – beloved – Latin

Anchoret – much loved – Welsh

Aninda - Dear - Indonesian

Annabelle -Loving – French

Asho - Pure Of Heart – Persian

Asthore – loved one – Celtic/Gaelic

Aziz - Beloved, Powerful – Arabic

Aziza – Beloved, Precious – Hebrew, Swahili, Arabic

Beau – beautiful, handsome – French

Bella – Beautiful – Italian

Belle – Beauty – French

Bello – beautiful, handsome – Italian

Caleb - Wholehearted – Hebrew (Kaleb)

Calix – very handsome – Greek

Canan - Beloved – Turkish

Cari -  Beloved – Welsh, Gaelic

Carina - Dear One – Spanish

Carita - Beloved - Latin

Caron - Loving, Kindhearted, Charitable – Welsh

Carys  - To Love – Welsh

Ceri – love – welsh

Chaviva – beloved – Hebrew

Cher - Dear One – French

Cheri - Dear - French

Cherise - Dear One - French

Cherish - Care For, Honour, Love – English

Cheryl - Beloved – French

Connelly - Love – Irish

Cora - Heart, Maiden – Greek

Cordelia - Heart, Daughter Of The Sea – Latin, Celtic

Coretta - Little Heart – American

Corwin - Heart’s Friend, companion – Gaelic/Celtic

Dagmar - Dear and Famous – Scandanavian

Dara - Compassionate – Hebrew

Dariel - Dear One, Beloved – French (F. Form Of Darrell)

Darla - Dear, Loved One – Irish

Darlene - Dear Loved One, American

Darrell - Dear One, Beloved – French

Darwin - Dear Friend – English

Daveny - Beloved – American

David - Beloved – Hebrew

Davina - Beloved – Celtic/Gaelic

Davion Beloved - American

Dora - Gift – Greek

Doron - Gift - Hebrew

Erasto – beloved – Italian

Eros – God Of Love – Greek

Esme - Loved – French

Farrah - Happiness – English

Fenmore - Dear Love/Fen Moor – English

Gemma - Precios Stone – Italian

Gia - God’s Gracious Gift – Italian

Graziella – lovely, with grace – Italian

Habib - Beloved One – Arabic

Habiba - Beloved One – Arabic

Hannan - Most Compassionate – Arabic

Howard - Heart Brave – English

Hugo -Heart, Mind, Spirit – Latin

Ily - Acronym For I Love You – American

Imogen - Beloved Child – Greek

Ipo – Sweetheart, Lover – Hawaiian

Jamal – handsome – Arabic

Jane  - God’s Gracious Gift – English

Janiya – Beloved - Arabic

Jasper - ‘Bringer Of Treasure” – Persian

Jesse - Gift – Hebrew

Jumoke - Everyone Loves The Child – African

Jung – handsome – Chinese

Kalila- Beloved – Arabic

Kara - Dear - Italian

Karissa - Dear One – Italian

Kayla - Beloved – American

Keefe – Handsome, Beloved – Celtic/Gaelic

Keefer – Handsome, Beloved – Celtic Gaelic

Kendi - The Loved One – African

Kenneth – handsome – Celtic/Gaelic

Khalida - Everlasting – Arabic

Lalasa – love, friendship – Persian

Lennon - Dear One – Irish

Lev - Heart – Hebrew

Lolonyo – Love is beautiful – African

Lolovivi – there is always love – African

Luba - Dear – Russian, Slavic

Luthando – love – African

Marianela - Beloved Star -Spanish

Medora - Mother’s Gift – Greek

Memphis – established, beautiful – Greek

Mercy - Compassion – English

Milada - My Love – Czech

Milena - People’s Love – Russian

Nadir – Precious, Rare – Arabic

Nadira - Precious, Rare – Arabic

Natania - Gift Of God – Hebrew

Nayeli - I Love You – Native American

Neely - Son Of Champion Or Passionate – Irish

Neha – love, affection – Sanskrit

Neil - Champion Of Passionate – Irsih

Ohanna - God’s Gracious Gift - Hebrew/Armenian

Olathe – lovely, beautiful – Native American

Penha – beloved – Swahili

Penha – beloved – Swahili

Phila – love – Greek

Philantha – lover of flowers – Greek

Philena – lover of mankind – Greek

Philyra – love of music – Greek

Pilialoha – beloved – Hawaiian

Prema – love, affection – Sanskrit

Prita - Dear One – East Indian

Priya - Beloved – East Indian – Sanskrit

Qiao – pretty, handsome – Chinese

Querida –beloved – Spanish

Raheem Compassionate - Arabic

Rahima Compassionate Arabic

Rahma Compassion – Swahili

Raizil  - Rose – Yiddish

Rhoda - Rose – Greek

Rhodes - Roses – Greek

Roosevelt - Rose Field - Dutch

Rosa - Rose – Latin

Rosaleen - Little Rose – Irish

Rosalie - Rose – French

Rosalind - Pretty Rose – English

Rosalinda - Beautiful Rose – Spanish

Rosaline - Little Rose – Spanish


Roseanne - Gracious Rose

Roselyn - Beautiful Rose – English


Rosina - Rose – Italian

Rowa – lovely vision – Arabic

Roza - Rose – Polish

Rozalia - Rose – Hungarian

Ruby - Deep Red Precious Stone - Latin

Sajan - Beloved – Hindi

Sarang – love – Korean

Sevda - Passion, Love – Turkish

Sevita - Cherished – Sanskrit

Shai - Gift – Hebrew

Shoshana - Rose – Hebrew

Siran – sweet love – Armenian

Sirvat - Rose Of Love - Armenian

Suki – beloved – Japanese

Suri - Red Rose – Persian

Takara - Treasure – Japanese

Tene – Love – African

Teneil - Champion Or Passionate, American

Theodore - Gift Of God – Greek

Thuong – Love Tenderly – Vietnamese


Valentine – Latin


Varda - Rose, Pink – Hebrew

Vashti - Lovely – Persian

Venus - Goddess Of Love – Greek

Vered - Rose - Hebrew

Vesta - Goddess Of The Hearth – Latin

Yahir – handsome – Spanish

Zaria - Rose – Arabic

Zeal - With Passion – English

Zuleika - Brilliant And Lovely – Arabic


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